Regardless of your industry, product or service, you can’t ignore current trends in digital marketing. Just a few years ago, businesses just needed a website and presence on Facebook to be effective. Today, the landscape in digital marketing is evolving rapidly and it is getting harder for marketers to keep up. Innovation and intense competition are facts and today’s digital marketers must adapt to avoid being left behind.

Here are some of the digital marketing trends that we are seeing this year:

Less Dependence On Google Analytics- all digital marketers love Google Analytics and you can get a lot of useful data from it. Google Analytics is a great tool and it’s completely free. However, we are seeing more businesses adopt intelligence solutions, like the Google Data Studio.

Facebook Is Stagnating- Facebook is still the kingpin of the social media industry, but its growth is slowing down. The same thing applies to other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Digital marketers should look for latest additions to social media. TikTok is a rapidly growing platform and it’s a great way for marketers to introduce their brand. Facebook is still far from being dead and it should remain your primary focus. However, marketers should start to look elsewhere.

AI-Based Automation- 2020 is the year for the true rise of artificial intelligence. Instead of being a dystopian Terminator-style world, we will see smarter and more sophisticated ways of doing things. AI-powered technology is already assisting our digital marketing efforts. Smart assistants and voice searches are excellent examples of AI integration. AI takes some of the tedious tasks out of marketing, so marketers can better concentrate on their strategy. This helps them to craft a much more optimised customer experience. The integration of AI and big data is very powerful for any marketing purpose.

Predictive Marketing- it may seem that people search and do things in an unstructured manner. However, there are clear patterns to their behaviors, depending on age, gender, location, recent purchases and personal preferences. Predictive marketing organises these seemingly unstructured behaviours into something that can be better understood by marketers. It takes time to gather information about consumer data and behaviour. With predictive marketing, it is easier to predict what a group of people will likely buy in the near future. Businesses should focus their efforts on highly targeted individuals who are the most likely choose a certain product or service.

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