• Through outsourcing the lead generation/appointment setting function, you can use your time more constructively and cost effectively by focusing your efforts on closing contracts, with the added peace of mind to know that your chosen business is fighting the good fight in the prospecting war for you. With a very talented pool and flexible terms, you will not have to only face the same risk in terms of recruitment fees if the candidate is not delivering, but you will be able to benefit from no long term contractual commitment.
  • Our flexibility allows you to ramp up sales activity in line with your business needs and growth. Accessing a professional support network and wider talent pool allows for additional projects or propositions as your business requires. Our telemarketing team of professionals take success into their own hands to deliver fantastic results with the right structure, skill set and motivation.
  • Our dedicated and experienced business development team will become an extension of your business. Ongoing reviews and reporting will give you complete transparency over the activity, and ultimately deliver a high quality of pre-qualified leads that will lead to achieving your business objectives and success!
  • The need for outbound telemarketing has increased and continues to grow – the results show why. It is a personal and honest way to target your prospects and has a positive impact upon your business. Telemarketing done right not only raises your company’s profile, but it also increases awareness of your product, service and company branding.


With so much focus now on Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation, it shouldn’t be forgotten that those initial leads still need someone to nurture and convert them into qualified, sales ready, hot opportunities.

An engaged and experienced telemarketing professional having live and engaging conversations with your prospects can mean the difference between winning a contract and not even knowing the opportunity existed!

The approach

You will be involved every step of the process. No one knows your business like you do so your input is invaluable in defining the whole approach and strategy.


We’re experts in personnel profiling and will work with you to define who your buyers are and how they behave. We use this insight to deliver a personalised, intelligence-based approach.

Flexible calling hours

We can call as and when required to ensure your campaign is delivered in a time frame to suit you. This ensures we are dialling at the time most likely to deliver you leads.

Fully qualified appointments

All of the leads we hand over to you will be fully qualified based on your specific criteria. Call reports are also available for your sales team giving them the critical insight they need.


We would be delighted to arrange for our director, to call you to run through the possibilities of supporting your sales and marketing/lead generation activity. If this is of interest, feel free to email info@salesdriveuk.co.uk or alternatively you can call him directly on 0800 865 4800. It would also be a chance to discuss your needs in a little more detail to see if we may be able to help you.