During this challenging time Sales Drive is putting measures in place to prioritise the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of its employees, sub-contractors, clients and supply chain whilst assisting clients with contingency measures and diversifications to ensure their businesses remains healthy too.

Sales Drive will continue to provide a quality service to its clients and remain as resilient as possible within the parameters, we Must all now work within. Measures we have taken including contingencies for communications, IT, offices & general workspaces.  If the situation arises whereby further segregation and or isolation is required, we have planned communication diverts, logistic solutions and sufficient capacity to deal with any reasonable forecast scenario.

In addition to the above Sales Drive is facilitating the following:

  • No face to face visits for customers and clients alike, but plenty of online, telephone and video conferencing.
  • All our staff are working from home.
  • We communicate constantly with staff and clients to ensure they not only understand their changing roles but are most importantly staying well.
  • We do not share equipment and follow all hygiene advice, and good practice.

For clarity Sales Drive is open for business, and as much as practically possible it remains business as usual.  Although, we anticipate a slight disruption to our business, Sales Drive has strategised and changed their sales tactics for their clients due to social distancing and the governments lockdown policy. As such we are seeing a big increase in telephone appointments and video conference calls, whilst this is not suitable for every business, a lot find this is  very instrumental and has either been added as another step in the sales pipeline process (There are benefits in that a relationship with prospective clients has already been established before an actual face to face meeting and a form of trust has already been developed) or  this method is being used to replaced face to face appointments completely as it believed this is now a natural evolution for businesses that will be around for some time as businesses recover from this terrible situation.

Sales Drive will continue to achieve excellent results, driving their client’s businesses forward producing outstanding measured growth and feel that now more than any other time, it is paramount to maintain a good sales momentum by continuing to identify many new sales opportunities and creating more new business week-on-week to ensure a very strong sales structure and foundation is being developed for the future.

Stay safe everyone, we will get through this challenging time together!

From all the team at Sales Drive Limited –

t. 0800 865 4800