Many businesses are shut down and many workers are either out of work, or working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Families are stuck at home in self-isolation and practicing social distancing when they do go out for essentials. While it can be very frustrating, it is still the most effective measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

     Even children are out of school and home all day, which means that they are spending hours online, just like mum and dad, either entertaining themselves or doing some shopping, since they aren’t allowed to go to the shops.

     With that being said, many online businesses are doing better than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. While brick and mortar stores are closed unless they sell essential goods, online businesses are able to sell, ship and grow without losing sales or customers.

Let’s take a look at some things that you should be doing to grow your online business during the coronavirus pandemic:

Focus On Your Social Networks- many people are turning to social media for information about the coronavirus pandemic, to stay connected with family and friends while social distancing and as a way to stay entertained while in self-isolation. This means that your business should be using your social media platforms as efficient as possible. Remember that Facebook and Twitter are good for providing real-time updates, while Instagram and YouTube are better for providing visual reports and tutorials. LinkedIn is still the most effective platform for interacting with co-workers, clients and vendors.

Use Telemarketing To Your Advantage- during the coronavirus pandemic, people are either working from home, or they are stuck at home observing social distancing. You can take advantage of this, and the power of telemarketing, and reach more customers, more efficiently. Telemarketing services from Sales Drive can make your next marketing campaign more effective. Whether you sell a product, or provide a service, telemarketing can make it easier for your business to reach a much larger audience while boosting your market presence and reminding your customers that you are still open to serve their needs.

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