As it’s National Courtesy month (and we are super stoked about the new Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie coming out), we thought we’d look at how good manners can open doors in business.

We’re taught from day dot to learn to say our ‘peas’ and ‘fankoos’, and through our life, these well-learned manners set us up in our personal relationships and our professional ones too. In a world where we judge everything, it pays to be polite. Politeness conveys respect, which in turn demonstrates professionalism, and being professional is the key to building great business relationships.

As cold call experts (yes there are such things!), we know that manners really do help our clients to win business. Our teams are trained to be respectful of our prospect’s time when they call. We are considerate of the time of day, the language we use, the tone we take and the time we take up on each call. As a highly professional team, we need to ensure our manners are 100% on point, even when those we call, may not show us the same courtesy.

Courteous behaviour in business, shows attention to detail. It is something we expect from our teams, something we promise our clients, and one of the main reasons why, our clients use us time and time again.

Here’s a link to some great reading on the science of being nice and How Politeness is Different from Compassion

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