The New Year is almost upon us and, for many small to medium and enterprise level business owners, that means creating a new marketing strategy designed to help us grow our business and reach our goals for the coming year. To do that, we need to rely on proactive business marketing trends and our ability to know which trends to use and when.

Marketing Trends For 2020

     For 2020, we will continue to see the same variables that dictate online marketing such as social media, PPC, SEO and others. There’s a crucial need for online marketers to stay updated on the latest trends to ensure that they remain relevant in their competitive marketing space.

Here are 4 trends that you should watch for in 2020:

More Dependence On Voice Search- Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are already being used widespread. Millions of people have an Amazon Echo, a Google Home or other smart speakers at home. For smartphones, voice search is now a standard feature and we will see more people will using it to search products and companies and to make online purchases in 2020.

Insight-Driven Marketing- with accurate insight and analytics, business performance can be boosted and optimised. It’s the goal of many businesses to improve their data-driven marketing. Analytics allow a deeper understanding of consumer preferences and it can make your telemarketing, SEO and PPC campaigns that much more effective.

Personalised User Experience- with so many options available, people have quite a small attention span, which is making it even more challenging for businesses to engage potential customers. Effective, personalised digital content has a better chance of converting first time visitors into real customers. Amazon is known for its versatile algorithm that provides highly relevant and personalised product recommendations to shoppers and, in 2020, more small brands will take advantage of this trend.

Micro-Influencers- in recent years, we have seen the boom of the influencers. They could be celebrities or experts that are well-known amongst customers. In 2020, this trend will expand to the small business segment that will hire micro influencers to boost their online marketing campaigns. Micro-influencers could be local officials, professionals or experts who have relevant knowledge of the business’ products or the market itself.

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