It’s a well-known fact that telemarketing still works for many of today’s fast growing construction businesses. It is flexible and offers many options, regardless of the industry type and market size. Just a couple of decades ago, telemarketing was primarily through landline telephone, but now it is much more efficient as many telemarketing companies are using advanced VoIP technology.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why telemarketing still works for many of today’s construction industry companies. Let’s get started:

Lower Operational Costs- compared to other marketing methods, telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective. It’s not only for promoting products and generating leads, but also for doing market research, updating customers, and performing various business processes. Businesses can further reduce costs of telemarketing by outsourcing it to a professional telemarketing firm, so they don’t need to hire full-time telemarketers and purchase expensive equipment.

Boost Sales- telemarketing can directly boost sales and make people buy your products. For both sides, it is a hassle-free technique, because people don’t need to engage for a long time. Experienced telemarketers know how to efficiently close a deal by offering solutions to customers’ problems. If you have the right tools and use the right telemarketing strategy, you will generate more sales.

Engage Existing Customers- telemarketing isn’t only for acquiring new buyers, but also to re-engage existing customers by offering them new products or services. It’s easier to encourage previous satisfied buyers to buy again. With digital technology, it is easy to make engagement with customers more interactive. If they are willing, customers can use instant messaging services to ask questions more quickly. At this stage, telemarketers could turn to AI chat bots to handle text-based communication with many customers at once.

Expand Business Reach- telemarketing makes it easy to expand businesses and contact customers, regardless of their location. It provides a significant advantage for any business because telemarketers can reach more prospects and widen their sales territory. Telemarketers can offer products and services directly to prospects and get faster replies.

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