Our expertise mastered through many years of experience, knowledge and pure confidents to make telephone calls that secure appointments, close deals and win more sales has made us the leaders in lead generation and appointment making.

Over the last few years many people have found that the old cold calling techniques and strategies do not work anymore. They are constantly getting beaten up by their clients and frazzled by constant rejection and failure. Conversion rates have dropped and dropped and many now fear cold calling precisely because it is so ineffective. Consistent research has shown how much harder it is to reach, engage with and gain commitment from new prospects.

But there is a better way….

Most people fail when cold calling because their mindset is wrong and their skills are outdated. The world had changed, business has changed and cold calling has changed with it. If you want to gain more business meetings with new prospects ‘Sales Drive’ can and will achieve this for you. You need to be able to differentiate your calls from those of your also-ran competitors, build powerful and long-lasting rapport fast and position yourself as a valuable resource for your prospects.

We apply these techniques correctly and will be able to generate new business leads with new clients consistently and effectively AND by outsourcing your lead generation/cold calling to a professional telemarketing company like Sales Drive Limited, cold calling will become a powerful tool and part of your new business development strategy.

The fact is that in these ever changing business times the power of a one-on-one telephone call can be a deal winner or a deal breaker, so the importance of the initial approach has become so much more crucial – successful cold calling is our business and your success is our success – master the art cold calling and outsource your lead generation and appointment setting to Sales Drive who will use practical techniques and robust strategies to transform your sales success and turn the burden of cold calling into a golden opportunity for you.

Plus you will be able to monitor, measure and improve your performance to ensure sales success – Sales Drive has been tried, tested and is proven to be a powerful resource with a cutting-edge program that guarantees more effective calls and that will win more business instantly.


You will…

• Eliminate the fear of cold calling by outsourcing to Sales Drive who have the mindset of a sales superstar.
• Massively increase sales opportunities and improve the success rates from calls/appointments.
• By-pass the gatekeeper and client challenges effortlessly and effectively by having one foot already in the door with a well qualified face-to-face meeting with the decision maker.
• Improve sales performance with Sales Drive who have mastered the art of differentiating calls from those of your competitors and will build trust and credibility fast.
• Gain a team of experienced experts with well refreshed and honed skills; adding value with the use of simple elegant closing techniques to win more meetings.
• Join a team of like-minded professionals.
• Gain a newer more effective approach to sales leads, which is perhaps required as a much needed boost.
• Improve sales team results and ultimately your bottom line.
• Perhaps gain your dream client.
• And much, much more…

We cannot guarantee that you will treble your sales like we have for some of our clients, however we can guarantee that we will always give you a 110% and that you will receive a constant flow of new sales opportunities as well as gain a competitive edge from our dedicated team of professionals.

To summarize:

If you are looking for that extra sales impetus to boost your business growth, we at Sales Drive are confident that we would make a BIG difference to your business for you and would love to join you on the journey to great success and stardom….

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