Telemarketing is one of the best tools any business owner, regardless of their sector, has at their disposal. In fact, it is being used in just about every industry to increase sales and leads, including the construction services industry. Telemarketing is being used by many of today’s construction companies to schedule appointments with prospects where they can then provide more information about their services or a quote on a particular project.

     Most Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) campaigns can be improved through telemarketing by transforming prospects into leads and qualified appointments to meet and legalise a contract.

4 Benefits Of Telemarketing Within The Construction Services Sector

Target Preferred Suppliers List- a good telemarketing firm can help your construction company its target preferred suppliers list more effectively. The names on these lists are typically some of the best leads the company has and telemarketers often use devoted scripts to converse for PSL leads. This enables them to capture data about the existent and imminent projects while building profiles of the company they represent.

Make Sure The Data Is Up To Date- ensuring that your construction or building trade company’s data is accurate and up to date might not lead to immediate conversions, but it will make converting leads later on that much easier. Lead data, such as home ownership status, construction date, profession and accurate address information is collected by the telemarketing firm comprise essential information sales professionals need to convert more sales.

Target The Decision Makers Of The Companies- most construction companies will focus more on their ongoing current leads such as owners and architects. A good telemarketing firm can target the decision makers of the company that includes its sub-contractors, interior designers, engineers, and project managers, and more.

Cut Down The Expenses Per Lead- expense per lead can cut into profits making your construction or building trade company’s marketing less efficient. An effective telemarketing campaign can reduce the expenses per lead. Low-cost lead data, efficient meeting booking, and efficient phone sales all result in reduced cost per lead and some telemarketing firms have the ability to estimate jobs before sales professionals meet with the clients.

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