In an increasingly digital marketing environment, telemarketers need to stay relevant and effective when engaging potential customers and clients. Instead of relying on landline telephone, telemarketers are now using mobile phone calls, VoIP, voice calls through instant messaging and video calls.

In order to make telemarketing an effective sales tool for your business in 2021, here are some things to do:

Make An Annual Plan- make a realistic timeline for 2021, which considers the ongoing lockdown measures and other related restrictions. Make quantifiable monthly and quarterly goals that are reasonable for telemarketers to achieve and use an accurate matrix to evaluate progress regularly.

Redefine Your Market- with recent major changes in many sectors, it is important to redefine your best market prospects. Qualified prospects may have different requirements and problems to solve. Rebuild your contact list and include only the most promising prospects to engage first.

Optimise Follow-Up Methods- after acquiring good leads, telemarketers must effectively follow them up. Set up a good process to convert hot leads into real buyers or clients. Telemarketers should be aware that promising leads can expire quickly because potential clients are also considering hire other providers in the sector. Sometimes, the lead generation team is effective but poor follow-ups hinder the overall efforts. The team must know how to move leads and prospects through conversion process.

Prepare The Team- it is important to prepare your telemarketing team to meet the new challenges and opportunities in 2021. Prioritise on skills that are effective to engage prospects and follow up new leads. Review personal capabilities of each telemarketing staff and provide training if necessary. When interacting with customers, the staff should remain caring, responsible, and ethical. They must know about key points to communicate and objectives to achieve.

Hire A Telemarketing Service- often, business owners try using their own staff for cold calling techniques and, if they are not trained properly, or they don’t have experience, it can be harmful to their marketing campaign. Hiring an experienced telemarketing service will not only save you time and money, but it can dramatically increase your results.

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