As more people choose to buy online for convenience and to prevent COVID-19 transmission, internet marketing has increased importance in the business world. Initially, consumers would use smartphones and social media to do preliminary research and prices comparisons, then make an in-store purchase. Today, however, consumers are making their purchases online with their final buying decision being based on product features, brand awareness, reviews, and prices.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why online marketing is so important these days:

Better Customers Engagement- with offline marketing, it is more challenging to continue interacting with customers and to maintain proper retention levels. After buying your products, you can occasionally email them to maintain the relationship. Discounts and other interesting deals will encourage people to do repeat buying.

Better Personalisation- artificial intelligence makes it easier to personalise marketing messages to each customer. The AI-based marketing system could automatically create personalised email messages, based on the customers’ last purchase, geographical location, age, gender, and other characteristics.

Effective Social Media Presence- billions of people are using social media platforms. Social media is useful for introducing your products and boosting revenue growth. Many consumers respond well to social media offers if they already have interests in certain products and services.

People Want To Stay At Home- many countries are experiencing follow-up waves of COVID-19 outbreak. Staying inside the store with staff and other customers can be risky, because maintaining physical distance is difficult. If local authorities advise or require people to stay at home, customers will do online purchases more. It is a perfect time for businesses to boost online marketing and appeal to more consumers.

Excellent Reach- flyers, brochures, magazines, radio, and TV have limited reach compared to the Internet. Through online marketing, you can use email, instant messaging, websites, social media, and various online advertising platforms to reach targeted consumers. It is now possible for small businesses to operate internationally with online marketing. Even for service providers that operate in a local area, the more flexible and wider reach of online marketing will bring in more customers.

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