Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Sales Drive, our processes and procedures as well as an outline of the system. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics and we hope that we have managed to simplify any queries that you may have. However, please do let us know if you have any further questions – our friendly team would be very happy to help.

Our normal hours of opening are Monday to Thursday 09.00 to 17.30 and Friday 09.00 to 16.30. We do often work in the evenings up until 20.00 and also on Saturday’s but this is for admin purposes and the phones are generally switched across to our call answering service by 16.30 or 17.30 on a week day.

Firstly, we would need to have in-depth knowledge of your company and establish what your company benefits are and what USPs you are offering in order for us to give you an educated and informed answer. Secondly, we would be the first to admit that our telemarketing services are not necessary the right service for some organisations. However, we know that good quality telemarketing includes a personable approach, exemplary organisational skills, first class account administration and consistency in order to produce the right results. To establish whether we can help you and whether your company would be able to benefit from our vast experience and expertise, please feel free to contact us on 0800 865 4800 for an informal chat.

1. Mature and professional approach to appointment setting.
2. New business meetings with senior level management.
3. A consistent pipeline of new business meetings.
4. Projects tailored to suit your needs.
5. Full transparency and reporting on your campaign progress for statistical analysis.

Our client list is very extensive. Some of our clients are small start ups, but the majority are medium sized companies, although we do work closely with a few larger multi-national clients that keep coming back with specialist campaigns. However, historically our best results come from companies that subscribe to the Glenigan or ABI Leads services and are associated to the building industry and have product or service to offer, i.e. Construction, Window Blinds, Suspended Ceilings, Changing Room Equipment, Sports or Fitness Equipment, Interior Companies, and Bedroom Furniture etc. We at Sales Drive specialise is selling to Architects, Specifiers, Contractors and end users and pride ourselves on being able to offer a specialist service and one that is second to none.

We provide full transparency with everything we do and with every telephone call made we will write a report with an action plan, along with the call status, potential and contact details, this can be found online on our website in real time via our CRM system. On setting up an account for our clients we will automatically register their details which will enable them to login to the CRM system located on the top right of our website. Here they are able to track and monitor telephone calls made on their sales day and assess the potential from the sales leads that have been generated. However, for some clients we also directly use their CRM as a reporting format.

As we represents our clients we would use their company email address in order to maintain the professionalism. We would require our client to set up an email address for us. For example, roy@clientcompany.co.uk.

Working on a commission basis would mean that we would have to also pay our staff on commission and that would do two things, firstly it would place our staff under pressure in an already stressful role, and secondly, our communicators would be more forceful over the telephone and perhaps gain the objective without it being properly qualified. For those reasons we will not work on a commission basis.

<p>By using our telemarketing services for appointment setting our clients will receive a steady stream of new business meetings with senior decision makers and will have a better utilization of their resources, with more time for face-to-face meetings, which will ultimately give them precise control of their sales costs.</p>

1. Customised strategies to nurture and generate a continuous stream of leads for you.
2. Implementation of social media tools to locate leads for your business.
3. Qualification of every lead and primed every step of the sales funnel.
4. Strategies to set up a unique place for your brand in the market.
5. Instant campaign set up.
6. Guaranteed higher return on your investment.
7. Real time status reports via our website CRM login section. Also, with our qualified lead generation service, we ensure that your business will never be short of hot leads to pursue.

No, not as a rule, but only when called back. Sales Drives strength lies in our outbound telephone expertise, while our experience of and ability to respond to inbound service requirements also forms part of the Sales Drive proposition. Our successful project development across all elements of telemarketing over many years means that, as our client, you can depend upon Sales Drive to identify and develop the most effective solution for your marketing requirements.

Our communicators are skilfully trained in the art of interactive communication, never are they robotic, nor do they converse in a scripted way. We pride ourselves on a personal approach and services, telephone marketing is a peoples business.

Telephone marketing is recognised as an extremely powerful tool in the marketing mix. It is the way forward for any business wishing to get ahead. Telephone marketing has no geographical boundariesa and it is an affordable instant interactive communication with measurable results. Telephone marketing takes the message to the right people today.

In simple telemarketing terms, it can be defined as a record where at least one of the following applies:
1) the company is no longer trading
2) the contact no longer works at the organisation
3) there is no telephone number listed
4) the name is incorrectly spelt.
In most cases, bad data is either from a poor purchased list or the clients own CRM and this is compounded when marketing activities are infrequent resulting in irregularly maintained and updated records. Bad data cuts telemarketing return in investment (ROI) by up to 30% and significant time, and therefore cost is added to a sales project if the data is poor. It stands to reason, that it is crucial to kick off with a good standard of data or to maintain your CRM and pipeline management effectively in order to maximize your telemarketing campaign. We at Sales Drive are set up to maximize your return on investment and would highly recommend that your data be maintained and your sales pipeline managed.

It is often cheaper to start again and then commit to maintaining the data. Sales Drive Telemarketing is at the forefront of helping organisations source data. Advances in technology means that identifying your ideal profile customer is more achievable, however the procedure involved can become complex and mystifying. Sales Drive guides their clients through each step of the process, providing them with clear and intelligent summaries of their data options. There is no technical substitute for skilled human intervention.

Sales Drive conducts these impartial, whole-market searches for a small finders fee of 50.00 pounds sterling. If you would like to enquire about sourcing a database that meets your company needs, please feel free to contact us on 0800 865 4800 or use our CONTACT US form at the bottom of our website.

The Direct Marketing Association is the core trade association in direct marketing and was set up in 1992. It is now the point of reference, expertise and advice for political institutions in Europe and Westminster, opinion formers, media, consumers and for the communications industry as a whole. The mission of the DMA is to represent the best interests of members by raising the stature of the Direct Marketing Industry and giving the consumer trust and confidence in Direct Marketing. The DMA believes that the key to success lies in a company relationship with its customers.

Telephone Preference Service is a Consumer Protection Scheme launched in 1995, consumers who do not wish to receive unsolicited telephone sales and marketing calls may register their telephone number with the TPS. It was created by the DMA together with the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), the Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers (ICFM), the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA), BT and Mercury. It is funded by BT and Mercury, and supported by the Office of Telecommunications and the Data Protection Registrar.