Our Sales Drive team offers an extensive array of Primary and Secondary research methods, including:


  1. Database Generation:

We pinpoint pertinent sectors for your company and craft a customised database of companies and contacts tailored to your needs.


  1. Market Strategy:

Leveraging our Market Research insights, we collaborate with you to develop a tailored market strategy. This strategy emphasizes the optimal product or service mix to drive growth. We also conduct thorough internal and external analyses to inform our approach.


  1. Competitor Analysis:

We excel at identifying your competitors and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of their strategies, allowing us to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses in the market.


  1. Questionnaires:

We specialise in designing and distributing surveys through various channels, including email, postal, and online platforms. After collecting responses, we meticulously analyze the findings and offer valuable advice and feedback, empowering you to foster business growth.


  1. B2B Interviews:

Our expertise extends to conducting in-depth interviews with participants, facilitated either by telephone or face-to-face interactions.


  1. Contract Identification:

We harness our resources to access relevant tender portals, pinpointing the most promising opportunities for your company. Our service includes delivering a comprehensive summary of each identified contract, ensuring you stay informed and can make informed decisions


  1. Focus Groups:

We facilitate small group discussions, also known as focus groups, to gain insights into how your customers or clients perceive your product or service. These discussions offer valuable perspectives and feedback that can inform your business decisions