Before we launch the telemarketing campaign, we’ll need the following details:

  1. Outline Briefing: A comprehensive overview of your goals, target audience, and campaign objectives.
  2. Marketing Materials/Sales Kitbag: This should include additional background information about your company, confirmation of the benefits and advantages of partnering with your organisation, and any unique selling points (USPs). These materials will play a crucial role in our setup process and crafting a compelling pitch.
  3. Marketing Introduction Letter: We’d appreciate it if you could share a past marketing introduction letter, which we can then adapt or use as a reference when composing an email/s that aligns with the compelling message we aim to convey.
  4. Provide the Contact Data: This should include names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Providing contact data is essential for efficient and personalised communication, maintaining data quality, compliance with regulations, tracking campaign performance, and delivering excellent customer support. It’s a fundamental component of effective marketing and business operations.

We will also require confirmation of how you would like us to arrange the telephone/video call/face to face appointments/tender/quotes, i.e., Provisionally book a date/time from a list of dates blocked out in your diary.

NOTE: We will supplement the data where possible from our own database and resources, however, once you have confirmed the target market types, categories, sectors and geographical area, we will source accordingly.