Gold Solution

Gold Package

Integrated Outreach
Sales Support Solution

Grow your follower base organically across social media platforms, email campaigns, and telemarketing efforts by targeting individuals aligned with your brand, thus amplifying your business’s organic reach across various channels.

√  Comprehensive Social Media Strategy – Advanced scheduling, community management, detailed analytics, and influencer collaboration.

√  Advanced Email Marketing – Personalised campaigns, automated sequences, segmentation, and in-depth analytics.

√  Premium Content Creation – Diverse content types, multimedia content, premium quality, and a higher volume of content.

√  Advanced Lead Generation and Conversion – Targeted outreach, advanced lead scoring, nurturing sequences, and personalised follow-ups.

√  Strategy Consultation – Monthly strategy sessions, competitor analysis, and tailored recommendations for growth.

Leverage our high-performance sales specialists for comprehensive lead generation and complex marketing solutions, ensuring exemplary performance while unlocking tailored strategies to fuel new business growth, boost profitability, and create more opportunities that drive revenue.

Seeking accelerated and enhanced results? Experience amplified revenue-driving opportunities through our lead qualification/nurturing, appointment setting, and lead management services.



√  Dedicated fully trained staff, experienced in your sector in not just selling but all types of marketing which means you benefit long term not just short term.

√  Identify and engage potential clients effectively, fostering sales appointments and cultivating new business opportunities through comprehensive telemarketing support.

√  Experienced management team to assist with the selling of your services/products and development of the campaign to provide you with a single point of contact.

√  Generation of competitive intelligence about your prospects to understand what appeals to them so you/we can match and prepare a focused sales pitch for the right approach.

√  Execution of our email marketing sequencing system to enhance brand awareness and consistently generate high-quality leads.

√  Development of a CRM database to provide full control from transparent and seamless processes and to give you live access on sales activity and reporting functions.

  Generation of a robust sales pipeline filled with warm/hot prospects to support ongoing development and future targeted campaigns.

√  Create stunning social media marketing content and post on relevant platforms to generate real organic growth.

√  Growth Booster, increasing reach and engagement by liking, commenting and following on other pages.

√  First-class customer support, delivering prompt, empathetic, and effective assistance, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Weekly Reporting (KPI)
Summary of weeks actions:

√  Receive, a comprehensive summary report detailing actions taken, allowing you to track and monitor the campaign’s dynamic progress and success.

Gold Plan:

A campaign showcasing affordable solutions tailored for small to medium sized business needs.

Elevate and Accelerate: Integrated Outreach Sales Support Solution

From just £395.00 per day

With most of our clients we work on a daily basis, starting from 1 day to 5 days per week. We offer a benchmark trial to all our new clients to allow us to demonstrate our commitment and the quality of our services. By producing a very good ROI and excellent sales pipeline, within the benchmark trial period we aim to develop a very successful business partnership.

Benchmark Trial Campaign.

Campaign Structure:

Data: Set up access to a simple online CRM system for campaign development, data source and live reporting process.

Activity: 96 x hours of dedicated Integrated Outreach Sales Support.

Time frame: Benchmark trial campaign to run across 12 weeks, based on 1 day per week.

Team: 1 x dedicated account manager, 1 x dedicated project manager, 1 x project director

Full pre-campaign briefing session: Prior to the campaign commencement we will conduct a full briefing session. This will involve a client representative and our project director to ensure a full, clear and concise understanding of the offering by the team, setting the foundation for a productive and professional on-going relationship between both companies.

Ongoing analysis and feedback: Review, insight and recommendations to drive improvement, provided on a weekly basis by the management team.

Set up fee: While intricate setups with extensive integration may incur higher costs, our standard setup fee of £150.00 encompasses all the elements typically necessary to kickstart an engagement.

It’s just simply a minimum trial period of three months with one months notice thereafter. 

We handle diverse projects—ranging from one-off endeavours to short-term campaigns and long engagements lasting over a decade. For lead generation or demand generation, our minimum engagement spans 96 hours or 12 weeks, based on an 8-hour week. We strongly believe that achieving substantial ROI requires this timeframe.

Developing effective questioning, messaging, and objection handling, as well as nurturing data, demands time. It’s about guiding prospects along the purchase journey to ensure they’re thoroughly qualified and ready for conversion upon engaging with sales.

Our approach prioritises quality over quantity; we steer clear of hastening data depletion and burning through data opting for quick wins, or funnelling low-quality leads to your sales team. Nurturing prospects is crucial, given the finite nature of each proposition’s target audience. Rushing leads risks compromising future potential customers.

To discover more about Sales Drive and the value we offer, including our focus on leveraging the latest technology and innovation to enhance sales processes and efficiency, please get in touch for more information. Feel free to delve deeper into our website, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of information, including client testimonials and insightful blogs.

“Thank you for your interest in Sales Drive and for considering us as your dedicated sales and marketing partner. We truly appreciate the opportunity to explore how our services can elevate your business and drive growth. Our team are keen to help you achieve your sales objectives and forge a successful partnership.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for clarification, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to accomplish your sales and marketing goals”.