Unlock rapid LinkedIn Company Page Growth! Sales Drive UK shares exclusive tips for increasing your page followers effectively

At Sales Drive UK, we’ve been at the forefront of employing LinkedIn as a pivotal platform for marketing, especially for businesses in the B2B sector. Our journey began in 2012 with a focus on telemarketing, and since then, we’ve expanded to a full-fledged 360-marketing agency. Now, we’re sharing our expertise to help you elevate your company’s LinkedIn page, following a tried and true strategy that’s proven effective in our experience.

Crafting a Comprehensive LinkedIn Company Profile

The foundation of a strong LinkedIn presence begins with a complete company profile. At Sales Drive UK, we ensure our profile includes essential elements such as:

– A high-resolution company logo

– A compelling company description

– Website URL

– Details on company size, industry, and type

– Office location(s)

A fully completed profile not only looks more professional but also offers comprehensive information to visitors, enhancing credibility and brand image.


“The goal of a LinkedIn post is to create content that is not only informative but also encourages interaction and discussion amongst followers.”

Establishing a Consistent Posting Schedule

Consistency is key in keeping your audience engaged. Sales Drive UK has found that regular updates significantly increase follower engagement and page views.

We recommend:

  • – Posting at least once per week
  • – Incorporating various content types, including articles, updates, and company news
  • – Utilising a content calendar for scheduling and planning posts

This approach helps maintain a dynamic and engaging LinkedIn presence, essential for growing your page followers.

Utilising High-Quality, Engaging Content

At Sales Drive UK, we focus on creating content that resonates with our audience.

This includes:

  • – Descriptive captions providing context
  • – Eye-catching images aligned with our brand aesthetic
  • – Relevant hashtags for increased visibility
  • – Interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and questions

The goal is to create posts that are not only informative but also encourage interaction and discussion amongst our followers.

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Re-Sharing Top Performing Content

Recycling your best content can be a smart move.

We often revisit our top-performing posts and reshare them.

This strategy is effective because:

  • – It ensures good content gets more visibility
  • – Not all followers may have seen the content the first time around


We use analytics tools to identify these top-performing posts and strategically re-share them to maximise reach and engagement.


“We advise our team members to maintain complete and professional LinkedIn profiles, reflecting their association with Sales Drive UK.”

Encouraging Employee Engagement & Advocacy

At Sales Drive UK, we understand the power of leveraging our team’s networks on LinkedIn. Here’s how we maximise this potential:

  • – Promoting Internal Engagement: We encourage our staff to actively engage with our LinkedIn content. This not only increases the reach of our posts but also showcases our team’s involvement and commitment.
  • – Employee Profile Optimisation: We advise our team members to maintain complete and professional LinkedIn profiles, reflecting their association with Sales Drive UK.

This collective presence significantly enhances our brand’s visibility on the platform.

Cross-Promotion Across Digital Platforms

Integrating LinkedIn with our broader digital marketing strategy is a critical step. Our cross-promotion tactics include:

  • – Linking to LinkedIn: We include links to our LinkedIn page in our email signatures, blog posts, and other digital communications, providing easy access for potential followers.
  • – Utilising Website and Email: Embedding LinkedIn “Follow” buttons on our website and in our email newsletters has proven effective in driving traffic to our LinkedIn page.


“By sharing industry insights and company news, we position ourselves as thought leaders.”

Leveraging LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Sales Drive UK actively publishes articles and thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn.

This approach helps us:

  • – Establish Authority: By sharing industry insights and company news, we position ourselves as thought leaders.
  • – Increase Engagement: Regular publishing keeps our followers engaged and attracts new audiences.
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